1. Paul Williams Ph.D. studied the distribu-tion and decline of British bumble bees for a Ph.D. at Cambridge University in Since then he has continued to work on this as a Research Entomologist at the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom, but is looking increas-ingly at bumble bee .
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  5. It sounds like a semi-social bee that is using a common entrance area. I’m guessing they have individual nests coming off separate tunnels under the ground. Or it may be a primitively eusocial type of bee. In any case, fully 70% of the 20, species of bee live underground, so it is difficult to say what it is.
  6. Jan 16,  · Underground Sounds 12, views. PROPHET OF RAGE - Somebody Scream (hubris mix) Boo Williams Vs Glen Underground - Bee W. G5 - Duration: Kermesse World 2, views.
  7. Leafcutting bee The leafcutting bee is similar in size to a honey bee (on average) and commonly gray to black; its abdomen commonly has hair and white stripes. It totes its pollen in a pollen brush on its abdomen underbelly and not on its hind legs. Leafcutting bees use locations such as cavities in wood or hollow stems for their nests.
  8. The industrious little worker bee. The majority of the hive’s population consists of worker bees. Like the queen, worker bees are all female. Workers are smaller than the queen, their abdomens are shorter, and on their hind legs they possess pollen baskets, which are used to tote pollen back from the field.. Like the queen, the worker bee has a stinger.

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