1. Piano Magic, the project of Almost Yesterday () and the double-CD Seasonally Affective: (Rocket Girl, ) Glen Johnson must have had trouble coming up with a reason to release a new album, because Writers Without Homes (4AD, ) is a confused, unfocused, fragile work.
  2. After walking into a Barcelona record store and hearing a Piano Magic track playing on their sound-system, Spain's best (and second best known) film director, Bigas Luna, knew exactly who he wanted to score his next movie, Son De Mar. The director of 18 films (including Jamon Jamon, The Tit & The Moon and Golden Balls) instantly recognised that they were making music for films that existed.
  3. The amazing new album from Piano Magic, 'Writers Without Homes'. Here's what the press are saying: "Startlingly beautiful and haunting melodies, creepily intriguing textures, thrumming tribal drums, and appearances from a vast array of guest stars, including a former Cocteau Twin and mysterious ex's starlet Vashti Bunyan."3/5(6).
  4. Jan 19,  · Those who have been lamenting the passage of 4 AD’s melancholy house band This Mortal Coil can all breathe a sigh of relief with the release of Writers Without Homes. Released domestically towards the end of , the album finds Piano Magic picking up the former band’s mantle, both in execution and spirit.
  5. Piano Magic: 'Writers Without Homes' 10th July Buy now from the 4AD Store. Formats: CD | Digital (Music Won't Save You From Anything But) Silence; Postal; Modern Jupiter; ; The Season Is Long; Certainty; Crown Of The Lost; It's The Same Dream That Lasts All Night; by Piano Magic. More info; IBM A User's Manual. by Johann.
  6. Writers Without Homes is the sixth album by Piano Magic. Track 7, "Crown of the Lost", features vocals by Vashti Bunyan, her first vocal work since Track listing "(Music Won't Save You From Anything But) Silence" – "Postal" – "Modern Jupiter" – "()" – "The Season Is Long" – "Certainty" –
  7. Though oft-maligned, 'Writers Without Homes' was a particularly monumental milestone for the band, as it featured the first vocal recording for 33 years of lost 60's/70's folk heroine, Vashti Bunyan. Post-'Writers, Piano Magic have become closer to a more?conventional group format.?
  8. Dream and rememberance are the most familiar worlds to Piano Magic. Nevertheless, since the previous album (the less appreciated "Writers Without Homes"), it seems melancholy has entered in the little and fabolous world of PM. But is a melancholy sublimed by a childish sense that carries the band to the shores of memory.

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