1. Razorbliss is the fifth studio album by the band Flowing Tears, the third under the moniker of Flowing Tears. Razorbliss is Flowing Tears' first album with vocalist Helen Vogt. 1 Track listing 2 Line up.
  2. Flowing Tears: Razorbliss. Germany's Flowing Tears' new album Razorbliss sees them going for a change in the vocal department, replacing the highly popular Stefanie Duchene with another female singer, Helen Vogt. Without doubt, Vogt is a competent vocalist with a lot of charisma and a great voice that fits the relatively more updated and somewhat mainstream sound of Razorbliss.
  3. Flowing Tears is a German band and they are just weird, weird, weird. Really this is an album best listened to as a whole, as each song builds on the last to create a 40 minute tour de force. Razorbliss will indeed move Flowing Tears towards the forefront of melancholic gothic metal, as they have perfected the art. Nothing horribly.
  4. Razorbliss. Flowing Tears Words Before You Leave. Kismet. Flowing Tears Show all songs by Flowing Tears Popular Flowing Tears albums Thy Kingdom Gone. Razorbliss.
  5. But however one categorizes Razorbliss-- gothic metal or simply goth rock -- this CD is a strong addition to Flowing Tears' catalog. Razorbliss is the German band's first album since the departure of former lead singer Stefanie Duchêne and the arrival of her replacement Helen Vogt, who fits in perfectly on darkly melodic items like "Virago" and "Ballad of a Lonely God.".
  6. Razorbliss () by Flowing Tears. Labels: Century Media Records. Genres: Gothic Metal. Songs: Razorbliss, Believe, Virago, Undying, Radium Angel, Firedream.
  7. Their original band's name was Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers, which they used on their first two full-length releases. Virago and Undying are my favorite songs on "Razorbliss". This is a very unique album because singer Helen Vogt sings in a deep, almost vampire like manner.
  8. album: "Razorbliss" () 1. Razorbliss 2. Believe 3. Virago 4. Undying 5. Radium Angel 6. Firedream 7. Ballad Of A Lonely God 8. Snakes Of Grey 9. Mine Is The Ocean Maladine Unspoken Pitch Black Water.

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