1. Eternal definition is - having infinite duration: everlasting. How to use eternal in a sentence.
  2. Eternal Hair and Esthetics is a world-class clinic specializing in hair restoration and aesthetic procedures for men. Using a combination of innovative technology, medical experience, and cosmetic artistry, the exceptional team at Eternal Hair and Esthetics strive to provide excellent services and a warm, friendly experience for the community of Totowa, New Jersey.
  3. Persian "eternal" Khalid. Arabic "eternal" Khalida. Feminine form of Khalid, "eternal" Khaled. Variant transcription of Khalid! "eternal" Lestari (les-TAH-ree) Indonesian and Javanese "eternal, abiding" Ludari. Sumerian "eternal man" Mordad. A modern Persian form of Amordad, "immortality" Nithya. Variant transcription of Nitya "eternal" (unisex).
  4. "I proposed that the Eternal God is both a Man and a Woman — the Eternal Father and the Eternal Mother. They are both fully God and they work together to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life," Allred said of her speech.
  5. Thus, the Eternal Feminine is Beauty, Truth, Good, Love. The second chapter addresses in detail the theme of evil as represented in Faust with the purpose to show that the Goethe`s Eternal Feminine is a form of salvation and therefore cannot be understood without a discussion of the theme of evil to which it acts as an vepimunchsforcomsofrresofttansecharju.xyzinfo: Elena P. O'Brien.
  6. The Eternal-Womanly leads us upward and on, closer and closer to God." The phrase is usually heard as "the eternal feminine." In the words of the chorus in this translation.
  7. It essentially means something which is eternal and everlasting: Girl: Anglo American: Christianity: Gila: Gila is a female name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Gila is Eternal Joy. Girl: Hebrew: Judaism: Gilah: Gilah is a Hebrew female name. The meaning of the name Gilah is Eternal You or Eternal Joy and is a variation of the name Gila. Girl.

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