1. May 16,  · David Coulter & Seb Rochford – Good Friday Posted on May 16, by Tim Owen A drums / jaw harp duo might seem an unusual prospect, but it’s not without precedent for Polar Bear drummer Seb Rochford, coming as it does after his collaboration with theremin player Pamelia Kurstin, which I reviewed both in concert and on album (see.
  2. May 18,  · The last time I reviewed Norwegian guitarist/composer Kim Myhr it was as a member of the trio Mural, and their exceedingly subtle, four hours long Rothko Chapel recording Tempo (SOFA, ). This new collaboration with Jenny Hval and Trondheim .
  3. Oct 23,  · Tom Waits Revisited: David Coulter on the art of creative reinterpretation. There are two types of career in music. One’s all heat and noise and the search for stardom; the other’s the slow burn of craftmanship, collaboration and choosing the road less traveled.
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  6. A “source” told the gossip column that Coulter opted to sell her DVDs at the fundraiser for $25 cash at her booth, even though all of the benefit’s books were paid for by attendees (which included Jessica Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin) at one register. “When an organizer approached and removed the sign, [Coulter] threw a fit and said, ‘It.
  7. David Coulter - musical director, saw, guitar, violectra, percussion Terry Edwards - brass, reeds, percussion David Okumu - guitar, vocals Tom Herbert - double bass, electronic bass Seb Rochford - drums Thomas Bloch - ondes martenot, glass harmonica Cristal Baschet - waterphone Pauline Haas - electroacoustic harp. Guests Jehnny Beth - vocals.

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