1. All music is uploaded for promotional purposes.. 39 Tracks. 71 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Chill Tunes on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Fine tuners work for small adjustments to synthetic and even gut strings, and many players, even professionals, find them convenient. For years, steel violin strings were associated with shrill sound and cheap student instruments, which may be part of the source of the “real violinists don’t use fine .
  3. Ultimae - chill electronic with psybient/downtempo feel that to me works well with being productive around the house or at work. Moderna Records - chill with a classical vibe. A lot of solo piano and small ensemble stuff Yo la Tengo, Grouper, Cigarettes After Sex, jeez you're right there's so much chill music! #? Jan 10, Profile.
  4. Entity supports artists from around the world that stand out in their own unique style(s), and that know how to blend artistic expression with technical originality. Check out the website here! OR check its recent offspring, Entity Medialab! [NTT] Tainnos - Versoa [NTT] Orgatanatos -.
  5. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.
  6. Nov 06,  · There are different types of fine tuners, so yours can look a little different than the ones in the video. For beginners I recommend to have four fine tuners, so a fine tuner for every string. Tuning your violin or viola can be difficult in the beginning. When you have four fine tuners you can easily tune every string very precisely.
  7. The Less I Know The Better & Sexy Back by Tame Impala and Justin Timberlake have the same BPM.
  8. An organum is an early polyphonic work, and this example has two parts or melodies at the same time. Because the number three represented the Trinity and triple meter flows in three-beat patterns.

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